Thursday, January 19, 2012

The View from the Command Center

Subtitle:  Why no one outside of the immediate family is allowed in the master bedroom

You know those people whose offices look horribly disorganized but if you ask them to find a document they can locate it in five seconds?  Yeah - I'm not that person.  I'm just horribly disorganized.  All the important stuff is here, and given enough time I can put my hands on it.  But, if I need to find it quickly, it better be a document I can pull up on the computer.

This lack of organizational skill wasn't too much of an issue when I was practicing law.  In that situation, organization is forced upon you and the system is in place when you start.  Even with that system in place, it was a darn good thing that I had an assistant.  She kept my calendar in order, reminded me of meetings and court appearances, placed high priority files on my desk, maintained the files, and generally kept me in line.  I appreciated it then but would give my left arm for an assistant now!

Time has been speeding up recently with regard to the restaurant.  The lease is the priority right now and I spend my entire day sitting in front of the computer, either reviewing lease language, emailing attorneys and the landlord, or talking on the phone.  Brendan laughs whenever he comes home because he says he can always find me in the "command center."  This term is pretty apt - from this vantage point, I can control the phone, the computer, the printer, my cell phone, and piles of paperwork.  In addition, I can hear all the children as they play (or fight) with each other in their bedrooms or the playroom.  I have them come into the room to do their homework and can give directions to put on pajamas or brush teeth without leaving my chair.

This is where I live:

Messy as it is, it has everything I need.  The red blanket in the corner is for my lap when I get chilly, a hairbrush to tidy up the children for school, a huge bottle of ibuprofen for me and a small bottle of liquid tylenol for the children.  My cell phone and the land line, the printer and my godsend - the MAC.  The checkbook and a pack of AA batteries for the wireless keyboard and mouse.  Piles of paper on the floor - each stack a different version of the lease.  A large stack of papers on top of the printer - bills, government documents and to be filed important personal papers.  The TV, currently tuned in to the CIA movie, "The Farm", and the most important item of all - my Diet Coke.

More randomly, there's a crystal sugar bowl that I plan to use for Charlotte's upcoming 7th birthday party - a Fancy Nancy Tea Party.  A chicken feather that was a gift from Evan, a phone book that I borrowed from a neighbor but forgot to return, and a roll of Happy Birthday wrapping paper (because there's always an upcoming child's birthday party).  I'm not sure why there is a clown hat on the floor by the wrapping paper but that seems about right.

It's a mess but it's functional and this is the only glimpse you'll see.  My bedroom door stays closed.

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